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celebrity look-a-like... thing



Your result for Rowan Tree Magic Quiz...

The Enchanter

38% FireMage, 45% Magician, 57% Sorcerer, 82% Enchanter, 35% WaterMage, 18% EarthMage, 53% AirMage, 56% Witch, 33% Wizard, 49% Necromancer and 50% Shaman!

You are an Enchanter! You have power over minds, and that means power over the truth. You are in tune with others, and know how to use them to reach your ends.

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Hahaha I was thinking of you the other day! I play a game on Facebook called Cafe World and if you go to a friend's cafe and try their daily special it brings up a new window where it shows a disappearing meal and it goes "Nom...nom...nom...nom..." Sorta reminded me of you... =)