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it's a grey, grey, grey day. it's not supposed to rain until tomorrow, but it looks like rain today. then again, i'm better at guessing the weather in california, and not so good at it in new york any more.

just had breakfast/brunch/whatever. i was going to walk around today and maybe go to a museum, but perhaps i'll just stay in until dinner tonight. i've still got a couple of weeks to do museums and the like, and i've got a bit of a headache.
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i got hit in the head with a giant plastic dump truck full of candy.

it's easter-time again, and for some reason the good folks over at albertson's figure that what every little boy desperately needs this joyous holiday season is a plastic truck that he can ride that is also chock full of chocolate. i was sitting on the bottom shelf waiting for my little sister's prescription to be filled, and a stock guy in the other aisle was putting boxes of something on the top shelf, and i guess one of them fell down the back or whatever. point being, when he pushed one of these boxes back to make room for another one, he pushed a truck full of candy off of the shelf on the other side and on to my head.

down side - i'm bleeding

up side - i have grocery merchandise credits

luckily it hit kind of on the side of my scalp, so any scar i will end up with will be easily covered by hair. still, though... ouch much? my sister is sharing her pain pills with me, and we're both laying in bed together watching wall-e

and just so this post isn't entirely made of complaining...
click me and then cry. i cried. i couldn't stop myself. and for people who know me, you know that i really do not enjoy crying. especially where other people can see me. it's so sweet, though. seriously. read it.

living for inspiration,


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