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herophelia ([personal profile] herophelia) wrote2014-11-24 04:29 pm

holiday cards

It's that time of year again. Pumpkin spice is giving way to peppermint, and parts of the country very far away from me are all snowy and delicious.

If you want a card and a little present, leave your name and address below. I've even got a form for it. That's how much I love you all. International friends are welcome to leave addresses, too, though I probably won't mail edible things to other countries. All comments are screened.

The presents aren't big things, so don't get all excited, but I think it's always so nice to get something to unwrap. If you've got children or pets who would like a little present, too, just let me know. All kids (furry ones, too) should have the joy of getting mail.

There are options for gifts, too:
tea lovers
coffee lovers
cocoa lovers
candy lovers
or a fandom option

IF YOU WOULD LIKE MY ADDRESS JUST LET ME KNOW I'LL HAPPILY GIVE IT TO YOU! I have no issue at all with people i know having it, I just don't want to put it up on my plurk since my timeline isn't private.

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