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herophelia ([personal profile] herophelia) wrote2012-05-01 11:53 am


I'm going to just do these as a list, cause I watched a ton of them this past week.

The Man Who Fell To Earth
A Knight's Tale
Dear Lemon Lima
Miss Nobody
Titan AE
Suburban Girl
The Producers (1968)
The Producers (2005)
We're Not Married
How About You...
The Tale of Despereaux
Today's Special
No Strings Attached
How To Steal A Million
I Was A Male War Bride
Monkey Business
America's Sweethearts
The Secret of NIMH
Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow
Ultimate Avengers: The Movie
Ultimate Avengers 2
Babar: The Movie
Thor: Tales of Asgard
Doctor Strange
The Seven Year Itch
Aeon Flux
The Facts of Life
The World's Greatest Lover
How to Stuff a Wild Bikini

whole list