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herophelia ([personal profile] herophelia) wrote2012-02-12 04:12 pm

two more movies

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol thingie - This movie. I should have been drunk. Seriously. I probably would have loved this thing if I'd gone to see t drunk. because there was plenty of physical comedy that was funny, and tone of one-liners or two line dialogue exchanges that were funny. It's just the movie as a whole that blew chunks. Also, Tom Cruise is fucking creepy. That is all.

Shaun of the Dead - Had to watch something good to make up for it. XD I love this movie, I will probably always love this movie. It's not groundbreaking cinema or anything, but it's always entertaining. Also, it's peppered with Spaced jokes, and they always make me giggle. And then they make me want to watch Spaced again.

The whole list is here.

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