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more movies for my 2012 list

I'm going to share an unpopular opinion. Ready? I don't think James McAvoy is a handsome man. I think he's an amazingly gifted actor, I think he has an intense sort of magnetism that makes him appealing, but I don't think he's good looking. In fact, his eyes only thing about him (physically) that I like. He has incredibly gorgeous eyes. But he's short, pasty, kind of twiggy, he has fairly lank hair and a huge nose and a thin, narrow little mouth and bad teeth.

That being said, I don't actually care. I think that looks are the last thing you should take into consideration when evaluating a person. He's still one of my favourite actors. He became someone I actively looked for after I saw 'Inside I'm Dancing' and after 'Atonement' he is someone who can make me see a movie. If James McAvoy is in it, I will watch it. Even ridiculous movies. Just to see what he does with his role.

Becoming Jane was a nice surprise for me. I didn't expect to like it all that much, but I figured I'd like him in it. Anne Hathaway, though... what a surprise. She's amazing. He's amazing. They're amazing together. I love this movie. It broke my heart a little, though. I actually spent a decent amount of time rewriting the ending XD I wanted it to go their way that badly. The minor characters really make this movie for me. The leads are great, they really are, but all the smaller parts are done so well that it makes the world seem real.

I fucking love this movie. Don't even judge me. I don't want to hear it. It's cute and the story is good, the voices are fantastic. Even the animation is something that turned out way better than I was expecting.

Oh God, this movie. It's crack. It's movie crack. There's really no other way to describe it. It is horrible and addicting. Emphasis on the horrible.

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