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So, I'm going to try out that movies 365 in a year thing. I am way behind. Luckily for me, I've never really been much of a sleeper.

My list so far is here. I'm probably forgetting some movies, and if I get reminded of ones I watched in early January at a later date, I'm going to add them. At the moment, these are the movies I'm positive I've watched since 1 January 2012:

The Help - great movie, awesome book. i don't really understand the haters for this movie. it's accurate for the time, and i think the underlying message is phenomenal.

Morning Glory - oh god i love this movie. it's hilarious. i could watch it four or five times in a row and not stop laughing.

The Ugly Truth - i found it on my computer with a weird file name, opened it up to see what it was, and just kept on watching. it's cute. not groubdbreaking cinema or anything, but cute.

27 Dresses - heigel is adorable. end.

Beauty & the Briefcase - i was actually looking for the disney beauty and the beast movie, this came up on the netflix instant list, and i was curious. i kind of wish i could get this hour and a half of my life back...

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