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herophelia ([personal profile] herophelia) wrote2011-12-28 05:40 am


This is a meme about the Christmas party that took place at [community profile] betenoire_logs.

The drinks were flowing freely, the band played into the wee hours of the night, and everyone left with a gift and a feeling of joy in their hearts. (Right?)

The question is, what happened once you left that ballroom? Did you go straight home? Were you alone? Did you just decide not to leave? Is anybody passed out on a buffet table?

I don't know, but you do, so tell us all about it!

OOC: This meme does not count for game canon. Though it can, if you want it to, and you agree with everyone else involved. Your character does not have to have attended the party to participate in this meme. Your character doesn't even have to be in the game.

This is an opportunity for those of us who are unsure to take Dreamwidth for a test drive. So everybody just have fun!

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