Feb. 2nd, 2012

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Sleepy Hollow - The Johnny Depp one. It's actually fairly cute. You know, for a movie about a psycho ghost who lops off heads. Christina Ricci is adorable. Johnny Depp is Johnny Depp. It's got a ton of great one-liners, cool props, and fantastic costumes. I love clothes. I am shallow that way. Besides, you can't go wrong with Tim Burton. Or rather, you can very rarely go wrong with Tim Burton.

Iron Man - I love that I watch this movie and what I take away from it is pole dancing flight attendants, Pepper in a backless gown, and a derpy robotic arm. That's it. I've stopped watching it to try and see any sort of value in the story, I just watch to giggle and see hot chicks.

Bedazzled - I haven't seen this movie in such a long time. I used to have one hell of a crush on Brendan Fraser in high school. George of the Jungle. Mmmmm. I should watch that again. This movie is actually fairly stupid, but again, it makes me laugh. Not with utter hilarity. It's really more of a 'man, that's sad' kind of laugh. The kind where you wonder why on Earth you're laughing.

Stealing Harvard - This movie. God. If I wasn't trying to do this 365 movies in one year thing, I wouldn't have finished watching it. But I'd already sunk 20 minutes into it, and then 40 minutes, and by that point I figured I'd just power through. Now I kind of wish I'd cleaned my tub instead.

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